Copywriting is so much more than simply writing to inform: good copywriting will make you money because it can inspire your readers to take action. Our skilled copywriters create persuasive text that can increase your sales, clicks and clients.

We’re marketing experts who write with an agenda. We write with your target audience in mind, crafting words that will encourage them to make a purchase, sign up for a service or to stay engaged long enough to absorb your entire message. Our copy can educate your audience about you — increasing their confidence in your skills or products — and demonstrate your expertise.

Read on for a before-and-after example of how our copywriters lead a new client to business success.

BEFORE: Content as supplied by client

I’ve worked my last 25 years creating workplaces where I love to go to work. Where my colleagues are like family and we all have fun, choose positive attitudes and work hard, play hard and love contribution and helping business grow.

It is quite challenging at times when a team is not aligned with the vision, are underperforming, are disgruntled or have low energy. Productivity and the whole workplace environment is affected. People morale becomes low. Productivity slow, poorer client service and quality of outputs and higher turn-over of staff are often a result.

The supplied text demonstrates the client’s passion, but is focussed on her business rather than the benefits she offers her customers. We saw an opportunity to rewrite the copy to motivate and engage her customers by highlighting the excellent benefits they would gain from her services.

AFTER: Lovehate Design’s persuasive rewrite

Exceeding Expectations business coaching can help you as a leader, manager or CEO to build effective teams and achieve greater results.

Picture a workplace with a disgruntled, underperforming team whose low morale means slower client service, poor-quality output and a high turnover of staff. Sound familiar?

Now, picture a workplace where colleagues communicate well, support each other and share responsibility. Where the entire team is aligned with the business’ vision. Where colleagues work hard, play hard and choose positive attitudes, contributing to the growth of the business while promoting and stretching their own skills. In short, a workplace that is exceeding expectations thanks to quality business coaching.

Call Bec today to help you build a better business!

This flyer is effective because our copywriter wrote with our client’s potential customers in mind. She begins by identifying the target audience in the first sentence and entices the reader by employing a conversational-yet-professional tone. The copy engages the reader by (i) highlighting a relevant problem (unhappy and unproductive work environments), (ii) presenting our client as the solution to that problem and (iii) ending with a clear call to action.

This flyer enabled our client to secure a $50,000 contract the first time she handed it out and continues to draw her new business each month.

(You’ll find the Exceeding Expectations brochure at the bottom of this page).

When people write for their own businesses, they tend to write from their own perspective, creating informative text that is business focused rather than persuasive text that is client focused. Plus, without the support of a skilled copywriter, you’ll likely find it difficult to avoid the many small mistakes that can damage your business’ credibility and alienate your audience — including grammatical errors, incorrect tone and use of jargon.

Think of all the places you set the written word to work communicating with your clients: websites, brochures, sales collateral, billboards, magazines, advertisements, reports, direct mail, tweets, blogs, and more. Imagine the rewards for your business if your key copy were polished, engaging and highly targeted, backed by in-depth research and a marketing strategy designed to achieve your unique goals.

Whether you want to establish yourself as an expert, generate more sales or increase your website’s search engine rankings, a skilled copywriter is as vital to your success as a talented designer.

Our copywriters can polish supplied copy or generate content from scratch, crafting technically perfect, engaging copy with a distinct and appropriate message, tone and vocabulary for your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the term for any process that improves your search engine (e.g. Google search) rankings. SEO drives traffic to your website by making you more visible to people Googling keywords relevant to your business.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy is designed to please both the intended reader and search engines, boosting your website’s ranking and drawing more traffic your way. We achieve this by (1) blending effective key phrases and keywords seamlessly into natural, relevant copy with text links at appropriate densities, and (2) creating copy so compelling that readers will want to share it, tweet it, review it, bookmark it or link to it, strengthening your ranking with their every click.

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Exceeding Expectations – flyer (front)

Exceeding Expectations – flyer (back)