Our key creatives

Our team of designers, copywriters, brand builders and web developers is led by John Reid whose reputation for design excellence is built upon seventeen years of industry experience in Europe and Australia.

John Reid

Founder / Senior Graphic Designer

John’s design ranges from clean and corporate to illustrative and innovative. His passion for typography is central to his work. John creates stunning, expressive logos and is equally at home applying his skills to the interaction between ink and stock or the responsive design of a webpage. He’s driven and easygoing, which means you’ll always find a happy John at his desk. In his spare time, John listens to podcasts about web design, grows increasingly bendy through yoga and plays bass in a band called ‘Serif’.

Leith Reid

Copywriter / Web Designer

Leith is a clever contradiction: a creative with a sharp, organised mind. She’s passionate about the written word and has an affection for punctuation that borders on the unnatural. Her website designs (including this site) fuse stylish simplicity with playful interactivity. And she’s bubbly and generous to boot. In her spare time, Leith writes (she’s won several awards for her poetry and short fiction), hoards books and is teaching herself the ukulele. Her spirit animal is a semicolon.

Lizzy Anderson

Illustrator / Designer

Lizzy is a gifted commercial illustrator, artist and designer. She combines traditional craft with digital know-how to create effortlessly beautiful works of art. Whether bringing illustrated products to life or exposing her subject’s essence via a portrait, Lizzy captivates the viewer, drawing us into her quirky, beautiful world. You can often guess what Lizzy is designing as her soundtrack predicts the mood she is conveying in her art. Lizzy is kind hearted and soft spoken, but likes her music turned up to 11!

Samuel Rowe


Sam is one part ‘traditional’ (trained in the hands-on crafts of Letterpress and illustration) and one part ‘tech’ (a whizz in Illustrator and InDesign), with a dash of lime on the side. He’s an adventurer who’s surfed since he could stand and recently spent 6 months living the #vanlife with his wife Abby and ‘Edweiner’, their sausage dog. In his spare time, Sam crafts videos with compelling visuals and soundscapes and spends time with his greatest creative work to-date: his teeny son, Marlow. Sam is a lovely, lovely dude to work with. He hates raw carrot.

Mark King

Web Developer

Mark is our technology guru. He’s patient and very wise in the ways of the web. Mark’s hard work—the backbone of all our digital projects—makes our user-friendly websites and eDMs run seamlessly. His attention to detail is impressive. Mark is very helpful, forbearing and funny. His sharp wit makes our tech support conversations much more entertaining than they really should be. In his spare time, Mark collects guitars and occasionally plays them (very well, we might add). He spent much of the nineties playing alternative rock as lead guitarist in the britpop band ‘Lancaster’.

Samka & Mao

Studio Cats

Barely moving all day, and therefore mostly serving a decorative function, Samka (behind) is always willing to receive pats and provide an excellent, soothing purr in return. She loves chewing on string and rubber bands and greatly enjoys sitting in people’s laps. Mao (in front) is younger and slightly more active. His favourite pursuits include batting paperclips around the floor and drinking from anyone’s unattended water glass. While not strictly part of the creative team, Samka and Mao pull their weight by adding to our calm and friendly studio atmosphere.

Our studio